Driver CPC Periodic Training

A new qualification that professional lorry, bus and coach drivers will need to hold in addition to their vocational driving licence. Its aim is to improve the knowledge and skills of new drivers and maintain and develop these skills throughout their working lives.

Driver CPC Periodic Training Courses are now available every weekend from March 2010. The course costs only £70 per course (no VAT charge). All courses can be tailored to your needs and courses will count towards your Driver CPC Periodic Training and ultimately your DQC (Driver Qualification Card).

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Who will it affect?

  • All new and existing LGV/PCV drivers
  • Drivers with LGV/PCV licences from other countries (based in the U.K.)
  • And drivers of Minibuses with nine seats or more and lorries over 3.5 tons (gvw)
  • There are Exemptions.

Why is it being introduced?

  • To improve road safety through better qualified drivers
  • To create an awareness of the benefits to the environment and fuel costs through eco-safe driving
  • To encourage CPD (Continuing Professional Development)
  • And ultimately, reduce the number of accidents on our roads.

When is it being introduced?

  • For drivers of buses and coaches (D, D1, DE, D1E licence holders) from 10th September 2008,
  • For drivers of lorries (C, C1, CE, C1E licence holders) from 10th September 2009.

How is it being introduced?

Driver CPC will be introduced in two ways:
The Initial Qualification for new drivers.

    • Two CPC modules will be added to the existing vocational test, to give four modules in total.
    • Modules 1 and 3 represent the vocational licence acquisition and Modules 2 and 4 are the Driver CPC elements.

Periodic Training for existing drivers.

  • Must complete a minimum of 35 hours of training within a 5-year period
  • Must attend the courses, but will not be required to take further exams
  • Once 35 hours have been completed, you will automatically be sent a DQC (Driver Qualification Card) to the address on your photocard licence.

Who will carry out the Training?

  • Remember, only approved courses taken with approved training centres will count towards periodic training.
  • The approval process for courses is managed on behalf of the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) by the JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training).